Home Prepared Parsley Soap Can Remove Dark Spots And Acne! Checked!

Parsley is a plant widely used within the manufacture of pure cosmetics because it has a fantastic fame by way of its properties to lighten the pores and skin of the face at the same time as to get rid of the darkish spots that normally seem as a result of publicity to sun or the passage of time.

Parsley juice is very helpful for successfully treating pimples, especially when used nicely fresh.

For this reason, massive laboratories produce merchandise by adding parsley extract to their compounds and to their cosmetology formulas.

After which we marvel, why spend exorbitant sums on cosmetics that almost all usually include large amounts of chemicals once we ourselves can manufacture a product at decrease value and higher quality?

Right now we suggest one thing very new and which will appear tough to do however you will note that in a number of easy steps you can have in your hands and to your personal use a product of wonderful quality and higher efficiency: a parsley soap.

Does it seem complicated? Absolutely! This parsley soap has as ingredients in addition to the properties of this versatile aromatic herb, the virtues of green tea, oats and honey; all natural products that are going to contribute to improve the appearance of the skin of your face and that will also help you eliminate dark spots and acne.

This soap is pure benefits for the skin:

– Clarifies the tone of the skin.

– Eliminates impurities and dead skin.

– Reduces stains and imperfections.

– Promotes cellular repair.

– Rejuvenates the skin.

– Reduces irritation and inflammation.

– It attenuates the symptoms of allergies.

With parsley we come to the conclusion that if good for the body, it also has to be good for the skin. While we always use it mostly in the kitchen can give good results as a tonic for the skin. It was used since ancient times for aesthetic purposes and at the same time to clean the pores in depth, in addition to the different uses that today we will give with this natural soap.

Let’s prepare it this way.


– ½ cup infusion of parsley.

– ½ cup fusion of green tea.

– 2 tablespoons of milk powder.

– 2 tablespoons of organic honey.

– 2 tablespoons of oatmeal.

– 1 250g neutral glycerin soap.


– Place the teas of green tea and parsley in a bowl and add the powdered milk, oats and honey.

– Mix everything with a wooden spoon until obtaining a fine paste. Reserve.

– Melt the glycerin soap to bath Mary. Once this liquid, remove from the fire.

– Mix with the previous preparation and wait for the temperature to drop.

– Pour the preparation into molds of choice (you can choose the traditional form of the soap or use fancy molds to obtain different presentations).

– Let the soaps solidify for about two or three hours.

– Ready! Your natural and medicinal soaps can already be used.

Some useful tips:

– This soap is completely natural and contains no preservatives, so do not immerse it in water because it would lose its consistency.

– Use it as any other soap, rubbing with your hands to form foam and apply on the face.

– Whenever you use the parsley vase, make sure your face is free of makeup for a better result.

– In areas where you have spots, you should rub with the soap and let it act for a few minutes.

– Rinse with cold water and use it at least four times a week.

– Lastly, apply a moisturizer or a sunscreen.

– This is a natural treatment, and as all of them require constant and continuous use to obtain the expected results.

Source: superfoodprofiles