Causes Of Weak Eyesight and How To Correct It With Ayurvedic Medicine

Visible weakness or Weak Eyesight is because of dosha imbalances, similar to pitta that trigger malfunction within the retina or dry eyes. Faced with visible weakness, the Nationwide Eye Institute estimates that it has been growing since 2010 and by 2050 the variety of people affected can double. However what causes visible weakness in itself? Properly, weak eyesight is normally linked to:

-Focusing difficulties such as: myopia, farsightedness and astigmatism
–Obstruction of vision, similar to cataracts
-Optic nerve injury, similar to glaucoma
-Retinal injury and macular degeneration
-Different conditions, similar to dry or watery eyes

On the other hand, getting old and hypertension are the primary culprits. Within the case of medical conditions similar to diabetes or eye infections, they can additional accentuate the issue and genetics additionally play a significant position in these cases.

How does Ayurvedic medicine affect visual impairment?

The ayurveda medicine employs him sufficient consideration and significance to eye care which they consider crucial amongst all different organs being one of the vital affected by the imbalance of basic bodily humors (doshas), producing as Result a diminished and disturbed perform. Most procedures that search stability of doshas are necessary. Such a medication offers a selected class of medicines and procedures referred to as “Chakshushya rasayana” which acts immediately on the eye and the visible apparatus as such.

For the understanding of visible weakness in Ayurvedic medication, it’s vital to have information of doshas and the way they affect the attention:

1. Pitta Dosha: is related to the trendy view of oxidation and irritation that are causes of visible weakness. She controls all transformation methods within the physique, there are different types of pitta related to a number of processes, for example: digestion, blood cell formation and imaginative and prescient. In reality, there’s a pitta that processes, shops and assimilates data. Too much pitta generates stress and injury and little pitta causes deficiency in function.

2. Vata Dosha : The problems generated by this dosha affect the circulation of nutrients in the body and cause imbalances that ultimately fall on the eye. Because it controls the movement and circulation of essential elements, such as: food, water, oxygen, blood, urine, enzymes and even neuronal impulses throughout the body.

3. Kapha Dosha: The imbalance in this case is manifested in weak muscles or dry eyes because this dosha represents the physical elements that make up the body, such as: bones, flesh, blood, muscles, tissues, nerves, body fluids and mucus. When excess kapha accumulates and generates blockages, ie, the sinus cavities fill with mucus and press the eyes.

Recommendations for visual weakness by ayurveda medicine

Depending on the problem you are experiencing, Ayurvedic medicine suggests combining specialized diet, Ayurvedic medicines and procedures to treat any doshas imbalance, in turn, you will find the following recommendations to avoid:

-Consume spicy and salty foods in excess
-Excessive fluid intake
-Eat at night
-Abrupt changes in temperature, for example: diving in cold water on a hot day
-Look for objects for a long time
-Sleep during the day and stay awake at night
-Cry in excess
-Suppress natural impulses
-Sleep with head too high or low, compared to the rest of the body
-Anxiety and excessive pain

How to wash your eyes:

-With cold water : if you splash cold water in the eyes while you have a little water in your mouth, not only moisturize but also improve blood circulation and relieve tension in the eye muscles.

-With rose petal juice: use freshly extracted juice from clean petals to wash your eyes.

-Apply Collyrium: anjana or eye drops is medicated for clean eyes and sharp vision.

-Immerse your eyes in cold water: when you submerge your eyes in cold water, the eye hydrates and relieves immediately the tension of the muscles.

-Practice palming : it is a massage technique with the palms, which you must take them to the eyes and massage slowly and smoothly with the palms of the hands and fingers and improves blood circulation.

-Nasal drops: Temperate salty water droplets or aqueous herbal solution are very effective in dissolving mucus and relieving tension in the eye muscles.

–Massage your feet: When massaging your feet with mustard or ghee oil, especially between the first and second toes, center of the sole, heel and outer margins, behind both sides of the ankle, the body chakras will be stimulated.

-Diet : many vegetables and herbs twice a day.

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