Feng Shui Rule Do Not Store Anything Under The Bed, Except One Thing!

It is fascinating that after we lie or sleep on our beds, our subconscious thoughts is open and absorbs extra energy. Due to that Feng Shui advises to not stick anything under the mattress. Still, there’s one exception.

Generally speaking, the area underneath the mattress should be open as a way to have an open movement of power that will be channeled evenly via the entire body at evening. The issues for which there’s an opportunity to carry under the mattress have power that your unconscious mind absorbs whilst you sleep, which is very unhealthy.

We can conclude that the area under the mattress ought to be empty and clear regularly.

Feng Shui EEN explains that you can make an exception of “something under the mattress” and provides us right to maintain under the mattress one thing that is known as “treasure box”.

Namely, it comes to 1 particular Feng Shui tool for sending specific desires and intentions, which is to open our unconscious “ME” with a chance our needs to be fulfilled.

What is that field and what’s in it?

First of all, it is important to point out that the quality of the field is essential because it will trigger a higher or lesser power vibration. For example, strong lid will be safer and steady power and open field shall be extra “open” sort of energy. Each are equally good, it depends on what you need to manifest.

Material of the box: As Feng Shui says, wooden is ground and holds the energy of exercise and progress. Finely veined, gold (maybe imitation), silver or adorned with stones, will improve the sense of richness. Earth or ceramic suggests power of consideration and care.

What to put within the field?

Before you set anything in that bow it is best to ask yourself: What would actually make me happy? The thought truly is to find gadgets that stimulate your happy moments that you need to appeal to in life.

So, in the field put gadgets that can encourage a sure need to be fulfilled in your life: If you want abundance and cash put into the field different bills, gold jewellery, gold coins, crystals. Bear in mind to keep away from putting coins. In case you need to appeal to love put into the field pure scents, red candles, scented creams and essential oils.

The Impact power of the treasure field you’ll really feel regardless on the place the place you’ll put the field. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to place it beneath the navel. On that method you are straight “feeding” your energy with the within of field, as the mother feeds the fetus via the umbilical wire.

Note: This “Treasure field” ought to be reviewed and refreshed on each three months.

Source: healthylifetricks