Be Careful: China Is Making Rice from Plastic (Here’s How to Recognize It)

We need to be extremely cautious when selecting the meals we devour, because it has the major influence on our health.

Unfortunately, the modern era caused quite a few risks, as a result of various toxins and chemicals in processed meals, in addition to the pollutants in the air and soil.

Apparently, the Chinese have invented one thing even more disgusting and scary: plastic rice! This faux rice is made of potatoes, candy potatoes, and artificial resin or plastic, all blended together in grains which seem like rice.

Therefore, make sure you learn these tips that can assist you detect in case your rice at home is fake:

— When you boil it, if it forms a thick layer on the surface, it’s plastic.

-Put one tablespoon in a glass of water, and if it floats, it’s faux.

— Cook a cup of the rice and then transfer it to a container. Store it on the counter and depart it there for a few days. Then, in case you see mould on the rice, it’s natural, and if there is no mould, the rice is faux.

Try the video beneath to see the results of those tests in action:

Source: diretube