The York University, Toronto conducted a study to see the link between calories eaten and exercise and also macronutrients like proteins, carbs, fats with obesity has change a lot.

Remember that we must raise awareness about this topic and how it harms the health. to address core issues is vital and can serve as a path.

To do this, they examined data of 40.000 Americans between 1971 and 2008, and also workout data of 15.000 people between 1988-2006. They said when all 3 factors are equal, a person in 2006 would have BMI 10% higher than person the year before. This means a person eating same amounts fats, proteins, calories and exercising the same as in 1988 would still weight more than before.

The results say if you are 40 now, you need to eat less and workout more as compared to 40 y. old person in 1971 to never gain weight. Also you may need to make other changes too to stop obesity.

The press results of the York results show managing weight is more complex than you think. The lead author, prof. Jennifer Kuk said it is more than just energy and in out. It is like saying investing account balances is just deposits subtracting, withdrawals, and nothing more like stock market fluctuating, fees and currency changes.

Kuk further says that the body is affected by lifestyle and nature, and there are many reasons why keeping healthy weight is more complex than ever.

This is crucial, especially with the fact that few decades ago we have seen dramatic change in obesity in all nations.

Even though prof. Kuk and her team never made firm conclusions, they suggested some factors to look at.

-Prescribed drugs

Additional factors may affect obesity like such drugs and chemicals. They are linked to obesity, high maternal age, less ambient heat, less prevalence in smoking, lack of sleep and lack of calcium.

This is possible and studies confirm it.

Experts say that even 25% of those on antidepressants can put on 10 lbs more.

It is known that such drugs cause weight gain and other bad effects. Despite that governments say these are safe, death of drugs is 21st century issue. You know it, but these drugs kill more than illegal drugs.

In June, 2010, a study of Journal of general internal medicine said 62 million were dead, almost ¼ of million deaths were due to hospital and medical errors. Nearly ½ million preventable issues are from side effects of meds in USA yearly.

The latest example is from the review that said antidepressant Paxil (paroxetine) is dangerous for teenagers, even with papers to prove this, funded by GlaxoSmithKline. They said this is safe and used science to market the paroxetine for teenagers. This is since prescribed drugs are NOT safe as marketed and alternative meds are still hidden for people.  If this is not generic, pharma item and chemical, it is ignored.

The medicine Is marketed by pharma industries, not just for medicine but also for research and teaching too. The institutions  allow themselves to be paid as agents and this is bad, said Arnold Seymor Relman, Harvard prof. of medicine and editor of New England medical journal.

For prescribed drugs, there is more than just weight gain so see all factors.

-Chemical exposures

Some studies saw that organic pollution, chemicals are seen in food and other items and make more BMI and waist interactions, so they make obesity. Majority of beef cattle are fed exogenous sex steroids for more weight and efficiency. This affects human health, but more studies are needed.

Many house items have endocrine items and some are like hormones like estrogen and affect us. Such are bisphenol A BPA, phthalates, PCBs, triclosan, fire retardants and pesticides.

Studies also said antibiotic meat has same weight gain effect on us as on animals.

Billions of pounds with chemicals are seen in USA every year. Some studies exposed some chemicals like glyphosate in Monsanto RoundUp, and this can be lethal and weight gainer.

It is believed this product is the safest pesticide, but despite the bad rep, this is the most toxic among herbicides. There are less facts than needed for furthermore details, said R. Mesnage.

Kids today are much sicker than generations ago. They have autism, asthma, cancer, birth defects and more. As per Environmental magazine, PANNA’s part on the latest science is that there is little room left for doubting and this must be known – October report of 2012, Pesticide action network North America.

-Changed gut flora

Studies for intestine bacteria are exposing variations in the microflora in obese and normal people and animals. These differences make bigger calorie extraction from undigested foods and this makes you heavier even with same calories.

Some bacteria in the intestines and gut affect weight gain too. The study said due to meat eating this rate is higher than decades ago. It seems fair, since all animal items have hormones, medicines, steroids. Also another thing was artificial sweeteners, refined sugars, fast foods.

Such sugars make more appetite, increase carb craving, make fat storage and weight gain too. They trick the brain to think it gets sugar, but no sugar arrives and then we need carbs, thus weight gain.

Also was said in this study that human lifecycle is also changes. Before, people were more active, outdoors, had more green spaces. Now, we are all sitting all day long, watch TV, an obesity is normal. We see weight loss items, diets, workouts, try to avoid chemicals.

Also, we eat in excess and this damages the bio-balance inside. This is seen in calories restrictions. All show long span and retardation of age-related issues seen in fish, rats, worms, flies and yeast. Also is paid attention on and off fasting.


Having 2 glasses of water per 8 oz each before main meals, also decreasing the amount eaten can help you lose weight for a year! Also over that same year, if you drink more water, you can have faster metabolism by having almost 2 liters per day, you will burn extra 17.400 calories. Cold water makes fast metabolism and hunger is often dehydration.

-Junk food

This is seen in markets, where sodas, chocolates, candies are placed near eyes of kids. This works since 1 of 3 kids in USA are obese. Kids cannot pay attention to brands and placements, schools, stealth, viral marketing, games, DVDs, internet. A 2013 report from Institute of Medicine said kids ages 2-11 are now on average seeing more than 10 food ads daily, said Joe Martino, lead at Collective evolution.

Obesity is the largest health threat today.

What you need to do:

-Avoid foods with chemicals, pesticides, hormones.

-No processed foods

-Always get organic and whole foods

-Have healthy fats like nuts, avocado, coconut oil, organic oils, seeds.

-Have workouts

-Eat until satisfied, never stuffed

Source: organichealthcorner