Although you most definitely know, we’ll tell you that HIV is a sexually transmitted illness. It means that you can get HIV  virus by having unprotected intercourse with somebody who already has HIV. It utterly clear that it’s laborious to diagnose HIV simply  after a headache, however it’s essential to recognize the indicators within the early levels, so as to deal with the illness. The followings are the most common indicators that most of the people affected by this illness had.

  1. Fever

Fever could be an early signal of HIV, however never make quick conclusions. If the fever stays regardless of the medicines you are taking, for an extended time period, consult your physician. Longtime fevers are a significant signal of HIV.

  1. Fatigue

The HIV virus makes you feel drained all the time because reduces your vitality ranges.

  1. Muscle ache

Ache in the legs, joints and again while you are doing minor efforts and everyday regular duties, is usually a signal and you must go to a physician and do some tests.

  1. Headache and sore throat

The HIV virus weakens your immune system and this is why you can be prone to any form of infections, complications, and flues. This means that is you have HIV, sore throat and complications can be inevitable day-after-day and evening.

  1. Rashes on skin

You know that the skin is the mirror to the well being, and if you have HIV your pores and skin  displays that. It’s most likely that you will get itchy rashes as a warning signal.

  1. Weight loss

Losing the urge for food and by that dropping some weight, is usually a signal of this illness.

  1. Dry cough
 One very usual symptom are dry sticky cough that kind and stay within the throat.